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Opening Type: Manual Open
Section (Folding): 3 Fold
Fabric: Polyster
Frame: Steel
Availability: In Stock
Manual 3 Fold Polyster Fabric Material Umbrella

Manual 3 Fold Polyster Fabric Material Umbrella. Size: 91cm. Fabric: Polyster. Folding Type: 3 Fold. Opening Type: Manual Open.

Product Details
Art Number 3401
Sections / Foldings 3 Fold
Opening Diameter 91cm
Top to Tips Diameter 53cm
Number of Ribs 8
Folded Size 25cm
Weight 0.229kg
Opening Type Manual Open
Frame Steel
Fabric Polyster
Pieced / Carton 60
Measurement / m3 0.033
Gross Weight 15.3kg
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